May 28, 2013
Andy Drish Rev Is Story

Meet the most important people in your life

The most significant people you’ll ever meet are…

Not the wealthiest.

Not the wisest.

Not the most connected.

The most significant people you’ll ever meet are the people who are just like you – but who are two or three steps ahead.

In March of 2011 I was coming up on my third year in corporate America. I was in a serious relationship with a girl I’d been dating for five years. (We even had a dog together.)

That month, I went to South by Southwest for the second time and spent the weekend hanging out with incredible twenty-something entrepreneurs who were building businesses and traveling the world.

They weren’t the smartest people at SXSW.

They weren’t the most connected.

They weren’t the most financially successful, either

They were similar to me – but just a few steps ahead.

I was making $1-2K/month with my side business. These people were doing low six figures while traveling all over the world.

I remember wanting that lifestyle so badly – the lifestyle these people already had.

But they weren’t any smarter or better off than I was. They just had the guts to go for it.

Seeing them make the leap safely gave me the confidence to do the same. They were a living example of what was possible for me.

So first thing Monday morning, I went to my boss and put in my two weeks’ notice. A few days later, I split up with my girlfriend (and even left my dog behind…which was the hardest decision of all.)

Over seven days I batched the major decisions I had been putting off in my life. I went from a steady job and paycheck, living in a nice home with my girlfriend and dog…

…to being unemployed, heartbroken, and sleeping on an air mattress in my friend’s spare bedroom (which also led to a period of binge drinking and studying pickup…but that’s a story for another day.)

As painful as the experience was, deep down, I knew it was the right decision because I could already see what would be waiting for me on the other side.

Now (two years later) I spend about six months out of the year traveling. I’m building a business that is deeply aligned with what I care most about (creating entrepreneurs) and I feel more alive than I ever have.

So if you’d like to build a business or quit your job, you don’t have to read another book, take some online course, or get a mentor to help you.

All you have to do is remember what you already know – that you already have all the answers, all the power, and all the knowledge within you.

Spending time with someone two steps ahead of you is simply a reminder of that.

And that’s why these people are the most important people you’ll ever meet.

Andy Drish Rev Is Story

Andy Drish is the co-founder of, an online accelerator for people who want to start a software business, but don’t have any ideas, any coding skills and have limited cash to get started.

He is also the host of “Starting With Nothing,” the podcast that shares how incredible entrepreneurs built successful businesses completely from scratch.

When he’s not playing at work, you’ll find him living in Colorado trying to suck less at snowboarding and mountain biking.