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Amber Rae Creator

Amber Rae transforms people and organizations. As Founder & CEO of The Bold Academy, she’s cultivating a world in which human potential is not governed by what we’re told we can and cannot do, but rather by our highest intentions and inner gifts. In the last two years, Amber launched The Domino Project with Seth Godin, turned insomnia into a global movement via Night Owls, and helped hundreds of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and creatives realize their full potential through The Passion Experiment. A writer and speaker, Amber is a Fast Company Expert Blogger, Positively Positive contributor, and TEDx talker. She’s been featured in The New York Times, Fast Company, Inc., Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Next Web, BBC, and ABC World News.

Vivek Mayasandra Managing Editor

Vivek is a self-proclaimed student of the world. He's obsessed with global culture, social good and airlines. Creator of the Take Flight Project, he's on a mission to inspire people to change their world with a plane ride. He writes, designs and communicates his way around the world, dreaming of revolutionizing how we connect societies, do business and address world issues. What are you waiting for? Take flight.

Vlad Georgescu Interaction & Visual Designer

Vlad is a user experience designer specializing in interaction design. Among the things that he loves the most, traveling, espresso and his Macbook Air are at the top of the list.

Neil Tan Web Developer & Designer

Neil is a new media designer living in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California. Helping ideas come to life and creating cool shit that millions of people will interact with is what makes Neil feel alive. 

Between his full-time gig at Incase and his many meaningful side projects, Neil loves what he does and believes in always being a student. Neil hopes his work at revolution.is will motivate those who need that extra push to take action.

Tessa Zeng Copy Editor

Tessa believes that this website is a dangerous thing. Why, you ask? Because the written word can spark more inspiration than you know what to do with! Revolution-obsessed all her life, she recently left art school to start her own web business, and just released an ebook on using new creative strategy to empower individuals.

Her specialities: drawing out deeper narratives behind ideas, asking more questions than a five-year-old, and laughing more than anyone you may've ever met!