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Andy Drish

Meet the most important people in your life

The most significant people you’ll ever meet are… Not the wealthiest. Not the wisest. Not the most connected. The most significant people you’ll ever meet are the people who are just like you – but who are two or three steps ahead. In March of 2011 I was coming up on my third year in [...]

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Nathan Rothstein

Set yourself high expectations

High school teachers often told me that I wasn’t capable of doing better work. When I struggled in school, they tried to lower my expectations. “It was okay to not do well,” they would say, “not everyone is meant to go to college”. So while my peers applied to top schools around the country, my [...]

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Alexia Pinchbeck

Dive into your crazy idea

An innocent skinny dip. Who would have thought it would completely change the course of my life and lead me to starting a bikini company? Three years ago, I was gleefully floating butt naked under the stars in Sardinia, skinnydipping at midnight with my best friend. The crackle of sand was in my ears, the [...]

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Clayton Elliott

Meander meaningfully

Not all those who wander are lost. But some who do are. I’m all for wandering to learn about life and self. But for most of my life, I knew little about myself, and had no idea how lost I really was. By conventional standards, I’ve lived a reckless life. But where I grew up, [...]

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Jean Powell

Face your fear of rejection

I thought I was going to be a singer. I can’t believe I admitted that, but really. Making it into All-State Choir, my stardom seemed inevitable. I was a rockstar in the making.   I returned home and quit singing. Why?  Because everyone else was just as good, or even better. To pursue the career and face the rejection [...]

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Betsy Nunez

Start, act, commit

For the last year my sister Emily and I have been building our ultimate project that channels all of our passions together. The social enterprise is called Sword & Plough, and it all started with a conversation. Unlike all others, this one was different because it didn’t just start and end with “that’s a good [...]

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James McBennett

Turn your problems into strengths

In the film ‘Unbreakable,’ Bruce Willis’ character cannot get ill, suffers from no disability and is in every way unbreakable. But back In the real world, we’re all born with weaknesses. My disability is narcolepsy, a sleeping disorder that leaves me regularly fatigued, often taken long naps in the middle of the day. I have [...]

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Dan Johnston

Never settle

“That is seriously your life? You are literally living the dream. That’s insane” I’ve grown to expect hearing this every time I tell someone about my fairy-tale of a life. But trust me, it wasn’t always this way. A lot people put off travel, passions and happiness until some distant future point; be it the [...]

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Mike Asem

Keep moving

I woke up. My hand felt wet. I looked over. It was covered in blood. I rose from my back, and watched the puddle grow on the floor next to my bed. “Help!,” I yelled, as I started to lay back down, lightheaded. “Somebody come help me!” I mustered, gradually losing my strength. As I [...]

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Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 12.57.12 AM
Kristen McKee

Fall in love with life

I’ve caught the honesty train, and there’s no going back. After a decade of hiding my real self from my friends, co-workers, even family, I’ve knocked down the walls of deception I had built so tall that I could barely see over them. Walls that are luckily weak enough to crumble after two solid months [...]

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Chris Cowan

Be grateful

In 2004, a stranger gave me $45,000. I didn’t expect it. I didn’t even ask for it. How did that happen? Well, a few years before I had set a big, hairy, audacious goal of going to Harvard. Neither of my parents had gone to college, so the idea that a high school junior with [...]

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Zack Shapiro

Lean into your fear

I recently took part in a personal accelerator program called The Bold Academy. For ten days, sixteen “Bolders,” as we were called, plus staff, lived in a mansion in Alamo Square in San Francisco. We listened to talks and examined our lives. We explored the work we wanted to do, took part in workshops and [...]

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Seth Kravitz

Find your resilience

Back in 2008, my life was at a peak in so many ways. The company I had started back in 2004,, was growing fast. Really, really fast. As a bootstrapped startup, we exceeded our revenue projections four-fold. I was enjoying the married life in Chicago and finally feeling that I had “arrived.” And my ego was [...]

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Dylan Klymenko Ringflash
Dylan Klymenko

Be a beginner

So much of what we want in life relies on our ability to start. If you want to be a writer, you have to start writing. If you want to be a painter, you must start painting. You get the idea. Being is a matter of doing. And yet there’s no time when you’ll look [...]

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Ryan Brown

Stay on the pursuit

We are all in pursuit of something; we are constantly striving to make our lives more complete, more fulfilling. In 1919, my great grandmother left Ireland and landed on Ellis Island. Her pursuit led to mine today, though I didn’t always know what my pursuit would be. Growing up I was an artist. I carried [...]

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Jeff and Helmut

Manifest your answers

Getting a breakfast burrito is usually an impulsive decision for me. And it always feels good. Maybe it’s the way the eggs, black beans, and avocado taste with hot sauce, or maybe it’s my sense of gratitude when all of the pieces just seem to fit. Either way, I love it. We make a lot [...]

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Justin Ahrens

Believe in bigger than you

You’ve probably woken up at some point in your life and said to yourself, “What’s it all about anyway? Do I really need to go in today and deal with the same old stuff?” Even if you have the greatest job in the universe, moments like this have a way of seeping into your mind [...]

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Natalie Sisson

Simplify your goals

As we settle into the New Year, we’re giddy at the thought of the limitless opportunities for change. And, over champagne, it’s easy to get carried away with all those resolutions we set for ourselves. This year, after all, holds the promise of being different. I believe that if you focus on doing less, you’ll [...]

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Sarah Dunigan

Find your "enough"

Enough. A wise friend says this is the word we use when change is needed. Defining what “Enough” means to you will affect your actions and shape your legacy. How it influenced my own life was determined by a few meaningful experiences.   Four years ago I lived in two rural villages in Uganda. I traveled to [...]

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Elizabeth Presson

Prove yourself right

I’ve always thought of my life as a series of stories. I’d see a scene in my head and fantasize about the perfect ending, the most romantic plot and the most eccentric characters. Within my 25 years, the plots have thickened, and I’ve had more ups and downs than I could ever imagine. Decision-making revolved [...]

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Tobias Rose-Stockwell

Let go to succeed

There is danger in success. We all strive to be successful in our individual endeavors. Making our millions or achieving an incredible goal early in life is something that most of us wish for. If it comes at the right time, after a long and hard-fought battle or at the end of an enormous project, [...]

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Mike Del Ponte

Make clarity your never-ending goal

Today I’m showing the world my calling. For the last year I’ve been working – mostly in secret – on the project for which all my previous life experiences have been preparing me. It’s called Soma and it combines my love for beautiful design, sustainability, and phenomenal customer experiences (more on that below). I discovered [...]

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Meghan Lazier

Live out your fears

I’ve always been comfortable taking risks. I moved to Afghanistan in February, and I’m currently based in Kabul. I’ve traveled solo through Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. I get a thrill from public speaking and happily gave the student address at my college graduation. While some people might see these actions as fear inducing, they come [...]

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Katherine Preston

Shine a light on your imperfections

In 2008, I felt like I was trapped and living someone else’s life. I had a good, sensible job in asset management but I was scared. I was petrified that I would never fulfill whatever potential I had, afraid that my life would be ruled by something as uncontrollable as my voice. See, I’d known [...]

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Will Butler

Live your life as it could be

Gil Weiss was very happy in the mountains the day he died. You see, he had just climbed the biggest peak of his life, a 20,000-foot glacially-capped behemoth named Palcaraju Oeste in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca, by way of new route than no other person had ever conceived. In the late afternoon as he and his [...]

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Victor Saad

Take your ideas seriously

I nervously sat in front of the sheet of paper. What was I suppsed to do? I spent a mere thirty minutes scribbling a few notes. It was too early and I was too rushed. There was no way I should take these ideas seriously. If I did, they would change everything. Let me back [...]

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Monica McCarthy

Narrate your own adventure

My life doesn’t look like I thought it would. I was supposed to celebrate my one-year wedding anniversary last month. I was supposed to have quit acting and gotten a real job. I was supposed to stop trying to figure “it” out and start behaving like a responsible grown up. Fortunately, I didn’t do any [...]

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Larissa Rhodes

Change the way you see the world

Growing up in a house where math problems were part of breakfast and logic brainteasers were my dad’s go-to during chairlift lines while skiing, I’m amazed I still had friends that wanted to play with me. Both my parents were computer scientists and my father was also an engineer. My brother and I did science [...]

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Jane Kim

Let your curiosity guide you

You could call me a nature lover. It was a love that manifested early in my life. As a child, I’d obsessively paint flowers and bears on the walls of my bedroom at home. And while my parents sported frowns at my artistic endeavors, it’s how I built a deep love for art as well. [...]

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Amit Sonawane

Cut off your rope

Remember the scene in The Dark Knight Rises where Bruce Wayne is struggling to climb out of the well? I couldn’t have watched that movie at a better time, because I was struggling to do the same in my own life. The difference is that my deep, dark well was illusionary. This is a story [...]

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Whitney Flight

Live a "Hell Yes" life

Six months ago I wasn’t able to recognize the person I had become. I was a counterfeit version of myself, living at a currency hardly admissible as authentic. I’d swiftly said “no” to opportunities and challenges – mostly as a cheap way of protecting myself from fears and insecurities. I was living what I now [...]

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Debbie Sterling

Build on your childhood

When I was a little girl, I used to build massive forts and obstacle courses, complete with oversized bed sheets, lawn chairs and home made slime. I was always an inventor and maker of things; I even recall a Halloween costume I created with my two best friends in second grade. We built an incredible [...]

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Smiley Poswolsky

Leap and your net will appear

At the end of May, I quit my job with the intention of not living one more day failing to live up to my full potential. It’s never easy to quit your job; it’s hard even when you have no personal interest in what you are doing. But it’s especially difficult to make that move when you [...]

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Derek Shanahan

Get out of your own way

I remember when the tension between the new startup and my wealth management practice began tearing me up. I was stressed, but increasingly sure that whatever was about to happen, it was going to be one of those moments in my life: an inflection point. I remember thinking that this wasn’t going to be a [...]

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Screen Shot 2012-08-28 at 4.01.58 AM
Mike Hrostoski

Cultivate love and fun

Last summer my mom passed away unexpectedly at the age of 57. To celebrate her life, my brother David and I embarked on a three and a half week long road trip across North America. We drove 4100 miles, spread her ashes in 40 memorable locations, and made this documentary about the adventure. It was [...]

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Dane Maxwell

Follow your process, find your purpose

Today I get to do only what I love. It’s intoxicating. At age 29, I’ve found my life’s purpose. I didn’t “pick” my passion — instead, it evolved organically. Eight years ago, I picked up a book that changed my life — a book called ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad.’ It was this book that awoke [...]

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Yong-Joo Kim

Redefine your idea of life

Forty. That’s the average number of people who commit suicide everyday in Seoul, Korea. That’s 1,200 people dead a month, 14,600 per year. Can you imagine that? Having been born and raised in Seoul for most of my life, I knew how competitive school and life there could be. But suicide? I could never understand. [...]

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Bryan Elliott

Try, don't hide

I’m Bryan Elliott and started my own company in 2007, a boutique video production shop called The GoodBrain Productions, in Southern California. I love a good story, especially one that inspires people to take some kind of action. The thing about action is that it is usually also accompanied by some kind of change. It [...]

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Danielle Leslie

Love your own questions

I first encountered the notion of lifestyle design after reading none other than ’The 4-Hour Workweek’ by Tim Ferriss. It was the summer of 2007, and I suddenly considered myself enlightened. Three years later, I found myself smack dab in the middle of a road trip — one that bucket lists are made of. I had recently [...]

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Daphné Kakaiya

Accept who you are

You know what I wanted to be when I grew up? From the age of 10 through my junior year of high school, I was 110% sure that I wanted to be doctor. It made sense. Even though I naturally erred far to the right of my left-brained relatives, being a doctor would have been [...]

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Caleb Wojcik

Create your legacy

Until I was 24, I did what I was supposed to do. Growing up, I was told to be normal and to follow the herd. So I did what an anxious, rural Michigan kid with a lower middle class upbringing would do — I studied hard, got good grades and was accepted into a large [...]

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Paulina Lipska

Act from above the line

After almost 3 years of Excel spreadsheets, office politics, two-week vacation approvals and an ever-persistent chase for promotions, I left my job at a big 4 accounting firm. In my gut, I knew all the reasons why I had to quit: I wanted my work to energize me and not drain me, I felt I [...]

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Caroline Mikolajczyk

Drive on your most beautiful road

Summer cashier in my uncle’s supermarket. Assistant at a remote English castle. Apprentice-cook in a coffee shop. Bar maid in a miner’s bar. These were just some of the titles I’d held over the years to pay the bills. So when the opportunity arose to work as a marketing executive for a translation company, I [...]

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Daniel Rumennik

Let your experiences fuel you

Two and a half years ago, a close friend asked me if I’d move to Argentina with her. At the time, I had just been accepted to graduate school for the fall, and was living in New York City working strenuous consulting jobs. Stress had become such a part of my existence that I had [...]

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Josh Nesbit

Act on what you project

In 2007, I was an undergraduate student who seemed certain about my next steps in life. While I wrestled with my understanding of that ever-elusive concept of the common “good,” I figured that going to medical school and becoming a doctor would be in line with whichever moral code I landed upon. I remember the [...]

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Jennifer Ogunsola

Find your reason

Eleven months ago my life changed. Many people would probably say it changed for the worse, and for a while, I would have agreed with them. After all, it’s hard to imagine that there is a reason – especially a good one – for pain and suffering. While lying in the hospital bed on November [...]

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Dave Ursillo

Be the most human you can be

Last Saturday, I quietly marked my three year “I Quit” anniversary — the date that was not only a significant shift in my career path, but one that committed my life to a decisive belief: That being a leader is about being the most human that you can possibly become. And nothing more. I remember [...]

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Kyle Rutkin

Be ready to grab your passion

I was put on this world to be creative. As a kid, my primary objective was inventing imaginary worlds and coloring outside the lines. I wrote awesome stories with fire breathing dragons, six headed ogres and bad ass wizards. I had an imagination that turned four G.I. Joes and a bathtub into an eight-hour playtime [...]

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Leona Mizrahi

Choose to spark a new experience

The answer to my life’s big questions weren’t on my yoga mat. They weren’t at the bottom of my Kombucha drink or smoothies, or in the self-help aisle at the bookstore. I was shocked. Couldn’t 108 Sun Salutations or rereading The Four Agreements calm my mind and warm my heart? Did I need to realize [...]

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Ben Nesvig

Perform your small act of courage

I was the quietest kid in my grade school class. Some days I’d go an entire day without saying anything. But behind that silent exterior was someone with a deep desire to make people laugh and be happy. I couldn’t turn it off, yet I was too shy to share it with most people. Shortly [...]

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Joel Runyon

Push through your limits

Two years ago, I was bored with my life. I was living in my parents basement, laid off from UPS, and everything seemed impossible. I wanted to change things and so I made a list of impossible things to do. But for every item on the list, I’d come up with excuses. I wanted to [...]

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Ming-Zhu Hii

Train your self-awareness everyday

Like so many artists, I turned to creative expression at a very young age to escape the uncontrollable trauma that was going on around me. I was the only child of mixed race parents in a small Australian town that, when I was growing up, was very conservative. They went through a fraught and protracted [...]

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Screen Shot 2012-04-09 at 6.03.29 PM
Arnaud and Julie

Put your talents to use

We already have a hard time remembering how our lives were before going indie. What we do remember is spending plenty of time in tall buildings, sitting at desks, and making slides like the world depended on it. Every other year a title would change, a salary would rise, and our motivation would… plunge. Then [...]

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Therese Schwenkler

Dance with what brings you to life

The world thinks I’ve gone crazily insane, but HOLY SHIT, I’ve never felt saner. Tomorrow – yes, tomorrow – I’ll leave one world for another. I’ll trade in my cubicle-dwelling, mortgage-paying, status-quo-following world for one with a Prius packed with everything I need. Tomorrow, I’ll step into a world that’s completely my own. See, in [...]

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Evan Walden

Make your decision out of love

In the course of two weeks I was offered a bribe, spent $800 on a single client dinner, and was aggressively propositioned by one of my largest customers to join him for a “thai massage”. Three strikes, I’m out. In 2009, I graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in business and a [...]

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Melissa Richer

Accept fear, don't resist it

Last summer I paused, took a long look at my life, and concluded that I was unfulfilled. For a long time I had dreamed that the startup I founded would receive VC funding. In July we finally got an offer, but instead of feeling over the moon, I felt every cell in my body resisting. For [...]

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Bassam Tarazi

Be a little nuts

“What about a film festival for people with travel films?” With that one sentence, the Nomading Film Festival was born. We knew nothing about events, judges, what spaces would cost, how we would make money, who would come, or anything else for that matter. All we had was an unwavering belief that everyone was a filmmaker, [...]

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Seung Chan Lim

Are you ready to be a maker?

I left behind a successful 9 year-long career as both a Computer Scientist and an Interaction Designer to attend art school. For 3 years, I made things with paper, clay, type, wood, metals, glass, plastic, and light. After realizing the importance of the body as physical material, I started acting and dancing as well. What [...]

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Winstone Odhiambo

Make a difference for everyone around you

One day back in the sixth grade, one of my best friends told me he had to run home during lunch. He was hungry, and his parents had left him a few crumbs of bread to eat at home. Little did I know that it would be the last day I’d see him. As a [...]

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Ryan and Josh

Grow yourself, not your stuff

Before we discovered minimalism, and before we understood the importance of simplifying our lives, we were successful young professionals from Dayton, Ohio. But we were only ostensibly successful. You see, back then people saw two best friends in their large homes with more bedrooms than inhabitants and they were envious. They saw our six-figure jobs, [...]

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Narcisse Mbunzama

Nothing can stop you when you have ambition

When I was 15, my dream was to graduate high school and study computer science. This dream came to an abrupt halt the day a group of armed forces stormed my high school and ordered all the boys to follow them. We were led to a military training camp where for three years, we were [...]

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Janet Mock

Live your truth

Two years ago, I found myself suffocating under a stack of untold stories. I was a hoarder of memories, snapshots, stings, giggles. These years-gone moments stifled me to the point where I couldn’t sleep. Then one slumberless night in my tiny East Village studio, I grabbed my laptop and typed out: “I want to tell [...]

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Sarah Peck

Do something worth doing and don't wait

Two years ago, in the cold San Francisco summer of 2009, I found out I had sticky blood. Such sticky blood, in fact, that a finger-sized blood clot had formed in my chest just under my collar bone, cutting off blood supply on the right half of my body. Within a day of feeling an [...]

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Jonathan Kalan

Open up to the endless possibilities of the world

My modern life history, so I’ll call it, began at age fifteen. I fell in love with a girl from California. Yea. So. What happened? Since that brief little love episode, I’ve scooped ice cream and delivered pizza in Connecticut, been a marketing intern in New York City, a student in Delhi, India, and a [...]

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Kristin and Shannon

Embrace your good fears

There is good fear, and there is bad fear. We know a lot about both. Good fear is skydiving over a glacier in New Zealand. Bad fear is getting into a sketchy cab at midnight in Managua, Nicaragua. Learning the difference in the two has been a challenge — but it has also led us [...]

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Screen Shot 2012-01-02 at 9.19.04 PM
Chris Guillebeau

Enjoy the pursuit as much as the achievement

Six years ago, I sat on a Hong Kong ferry and made a personal goal to visit every country in the world. All good goals have a deadline, so I set the deadline for a little over seven years away—April 2013, when I’d turn 35. I had been traveling for several years by that point, [...]

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David Hoffman

Put your ideas to paper

Know the feeling when you have no idea what you want to do and no idea why you’re doing the things you’re doing? That was me in 2005, sitting in the back of a 300-person lecture hall, bored out of my mind, trying to figure out why I was in college. While browsing Facebook, an ad caught my [...]

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Ryan Essmaker

Why put off what you really want to do?

One summer, over six years ago, I would take long walks in the country with my soon-to-be wife. There was an old, closed gravel pit at the end of my road; it was a great place for thinking and dreaming while watching the sun set. We were young, naive, and full of grand ideas for [...]

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Shane Snow

Screw expectations

It was during one of those 5:30 a.m. body-boarding sessions that it occurred to me how ludicrous my life was. I was treading water off the shore of Oahu with my surfing buddy, Rick, watching the rays light up palm trees as the sun peeked over the horizon. We were waiting for the next wave [...]

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Tanner Christensen

Impossible only exists in your mind

When I stepped off an airplane in Barcelona last summer, with no understanding of the language and no plans for where to go or what to do, I proved to myself once again that impossible only exists in your mind. People said I was “crazy” to travel somewhere foreign without a plan, “insane” to go [...]

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Thom Chambers

Restlessness is a virtue

Leaving my job for the last time didn’t happen like I thought it would. I was living in a small town in west England and from my flat I could see the long-distance buses lined up at the bus station. Looking out, I would imagine walking out of work one evening and just leaving on [...]

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Hannah DeMilta

Focus on creating momentum

My senior year of college, I had an idea to move to Sydney, Australia and start my career abroad. I didn’t know anyone in Sydney but was convinced that I had to follow my gut and move alone halfway around the world to chase my dream. I put a lot of heart into trying to [...]

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Antonio Neves

Start asking questions

Ten years ago I moved to New York City with $642 and a desire to “do something in entertainment.” Two years later, I was a co-host and staff writer on Nickelodeon’s hit show U-Pick Live. Since then, I’ve gone on to act in television commercials, author a book, get an Ivy League masters degree, create [...]

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Sharon Ann Lee

Design your own success.

My notion of success has changed many times over the years. My Korean immigrant parents’ formula for success was: Go to Harvard + be a doctor + marry a doctor who went to Harvard + nice house and car. In my teens and early 20’s, my idea of success was influenced by popular culture and [...]

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Jason Silva

We are all magical beings

Back in high school, I hosted salons in my home, where I’d invite friends over for an evening of discussion and films. It was a revelation! Inspiring others meant inspiring myself. It created a feedback loop. But inspiration can be a very lonely experience. You have a moment of revelation, you connect-the-dots, and glimpse some [...]

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nina copy
Nina Yau

Exit the self-preservation zone

The moment you buy a one-way ticket to the world, possibilities abound and the universe works with you, never against you. Vietnam. May 2011. I’d just extended my visa past the month it originally expired. Electric green rice paddy fields surrounded me like wispy clouds embracing the vast and open sky. I ordered a ca [...]

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Phil Drolet

Leave home to find yourself

In May of 2010, I was unemployed and living with my mom in Montreal. I felt uninspired, my energy was low, and my usually optimistic outlook on life was flickering. I was in this predicament because I’d gone against everyone else’s best advice and quit the “prestigious” corporate job I’d landed after graduation. Moving back [...]

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JulianBialowas copy
Julian Bialowas

Inspiration comes when you find yourself working

My name is Julian Bialowas and I’m a graphic designer and photographer. Every day for a year, between 2010 and 2011, I posted one of my photos with an inspirational quote. It’s called the 365q project. A lot of people ask me where the inspiration for the project came from, but the truth is that [...]

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Hilary Corna-pola copy
Hilary Corna

Proactive. No Residue.

I was running out of money and everyone was telling me that my pipe dream of launching a career in Asia was failing. I should come home. I’d been crazy to buy a one-way ticket to Singapore. But when I got the job offer from Toyota’s Asian regional office in Singapore, my mom wrote in [...]

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Melissa Joy Kong

Choose passion over security

I was working for a top media company with world-class brands, intelligent co-workers, a decent salary and great benefits. When I started out three years ago, that’s all I thought I wanted. But then somewhere along the way I found myself changing and I didn’t like what I saw. So, I left my job. Don’t [...]

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JoesMillerRevIs copy-pola copy
Joseph Miller

Print 100 pages. Plant a Tree.

“You seem like a nice kid, but over my dead body will you advertise in my library.” My heart sank. Now what? Before you get the wrong idea, I was not some hapless marketing intern cringing at the thought of returning to my boss empty-handed. Rather, I was a college student with a passionate idea [...]

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JoshJennySolar1 copy
The Happy Family Movement

Love beyond reason

“What comes easy and natural for the two of you doesn’t always come easy and natural for everyone else.” It was January 2011, when a friend suggested that the way we live our life could be inspiring to other families. We are Jenny and Josh, and we try to create extraordinary experiences out of ordinary [...]

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Sean Ogle

How many stories have you got?

One day last spring I went out for lunch, and by the time I returned home I had been shot at by the Thai army, had a grenade go off 40 feet from where I stood, and witnessed my neighborhood in Bangkok turn into a veritable warzone. Months of government protests were coming to a [...]

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AJ Leon

Grab a machete and hack down your own path

My name is AJ and I nomad around the world and make things happen. In the past three years, I have traveled to over 40 countries, launched four projects that have helped transform developing communities in south Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania, and I run a fun, profitable business with my beautiful wife. We live [...]

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Diana Kimball B-W 2011
Diana Kimball

Let the first move be you

While studying in school I was encouraged along by a dear professor of mine. We shared long conversations about hope and motivation, and I owe a great deal to his insight and care. When I was taking the first steps toward technology and business school, he put me in touch with another student of his [...]

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Thomas Edwards Jr.

Become blind to fear

When it comes to dating, I’ve always been the guy that friends go to for advice. People would tell me that my ideas were “on the money” and I felt like I had some good ideas to share. In March of 2009, I was in Austin, Texas for SXSW when I discovered my perfect branding [...]

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Ryan Resella

Do things that matter

Tim O’Reilly once said, “Do things that matter,” and for the last seven months of my life, I’ve been focused on just that. While in my senior year of college, I landed my first real career position as a web developer for a small business in Santa Clarita, California. A little over a year after [...]

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Graham Ripple

Go jump off a cliff

When you think about it, leaping off a cliff isn’t a big deal if you can fly. Actually, it’s probably the most responsible thing you could do because you’d be embracing how you were designed to live. The tension comes from the struggle to believe that. When I look down I don’t see feathers protruding [...]

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Tyler Coulson

I am in love with my life and with every numbered beat of my heart

My name is Tyler. I was born poor and then I was an attorney at a big prestigious law firm for a couple of years. Now I am walking across the country with my dog, Mabel. When I was an attorney, my resting heart rate was about 54 beats per minute. So every hour that [...]

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Chris Petescia

"Oh shit!" ... "Aha!"

Every uncertain moment I’ve experienced throughout life – let’s call them “Oh Shit!” moments – have been pivotal and crucial moments in disguise. The “Aha!” moment for me is usually when I have distanced myself enough to reflect and recognize it for what it was. A particularly difficult time for me was when my family [...]

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Mark Hendrickson

Tear down the walls in your mind

In starting my own consumer web company, I’ve learned that in order to succeed you have to tear down the walls in your mind that define what you think you can or cannot do, and similarly, what you should or should not do. As an entrepreneur, you position yourself in a situation where you have [...]

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Micah Baldwin
Micah Baldwin

We can only be the best people we can be

About two years ago, I was walking down the street in Boulder, Colorado. The act of walking, in and of itself, is not overly interesting, but as I walk, I tend to evaluate myself. I do it a lot. I constantly go over interactions and exchanges looking for the moments of success or failure. I [...]

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Picture 4
Jonathan Mead

Release your expectations and get your hands dirty exploring

A lot of people talk about work/life balance. They say you need to separate the two in order to find happiness, but I’ve made my living doing the exact opposite. I completely destroyed the ability to tell the difference, and am helping others to do the same. It wasn’t too long ago that I worked [...]

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Ldavis127_crop copy
Laurie Davis

Lead life with intuition

I never want an MBA. In fact, I don’t even have a bachelor’s degree. And it’s not just because textbooks aren’t my thing, though truth be told, multiple choice and I don’t mix well. It’s just that my hands-on life experiences sans classroom have been far more valuable. I know – you Harvard PhD’s are [...]

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Nathan Heleine

Step forward and play

Music was my first love. From age 10 to 22, it ruled my life in mostly wonderful ways. In that time, I honed a certain feeling with music that I have yet to crack in any other creative act. Simply put, it’s an escape, and there’s a fearlessness in any act of escape that can [...]

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Picture 11
Marc Johns

Bring your own ideas to life

Conventional marketing wisdom says find your niche and stick to it, but that idea makes me feel claustrophobic. I don’t want to be known for a specific medium, but rather for a way of looking at the world. So when I started becoming known as “that post-it note drawing guy,” I stopped doing them and [...]

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Fashion Show
Jill and Jenn

Life is too short to do work you hate

DreamChamps was born when we discovered our why. It all stemmed from the eight months we spent working at what we believed was our “dream company.” We are Jill and Jenn, and we met on the first day of our internships at what we now refer to as “The Agency” — a global public relations [...]

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Ryan Graves

Prepare for unidentified opportunities

I was in Milwaukee (of all places) running a video blog that interviewed alpha stage startups, I had just shut down a failed startup, I was blogging almost daily, I was working a full-time job at General Electric, and I was helping my fiancé prepare for our wedding. Project overload. Because my focus was spread [...]

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Tony Bacigalupo

Life outside the cube

Like a lot of people, I grew up thinking that one day I would graduate college, get a job, drive to work in rush hour traffic, sit in a cubicle, and count the minutes until happy hour. After graduation I took a job at a small web consulting shop and, shortly after starting, my boss [...]

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Parris Whittingham

Remarkable love stories change the world

My name is Parris Whittingham and I’m a wedding photographer who believes in remarkable love stories. In 2002 when I was studying abroad in Brazil, I was more focused on writing than taking pictures. In fact, as my friend Jane recalls, I didn’t even own a camera then… Parris was the only student without a [...]

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Melissa Pierce

Decide, declare, and seek out the time to do it

My name is Melissa Pierce and I am a film producer. I can say that now because I’ve actually produced a documentary film. When I started the film three years ago, I felt a little strange calling myself ‘a producer’ because I didn’t know the first thing about making a movie. I just knew that [...]

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