January 1, 2013

Simplify your goals

As we settle into the New Year, we’re giddy at the thought of the limitless opportunities for change. And, over champagne, it’s easy to get carried away with all those resolutions we set for ourselves. This year, after all, holds the promise of being different.

I believe that if you focus on doing less, you’ll achieve more. And it’s amazing how powerful an idea can be when you finally set it in motion and focus on actually making it happen.

Back in 2006, on a slow boat in Laos, I met a traveler who told me about the Tour d’Afrique. I thought it was the coolest and craziest thing ever. After keeping that one vision in the back of my mind for six years, the time was right to make it a reality.

In 2012, I set out on that very bicycle ride across Africa, covering 6500 kilometers between Nairobi and Cape Town. What’s more, inspired by this epic adventure, I also decided to raise $12,500 for a charity. I managed to rally my family, friends and Suitcase Entrepreneur community to step up and help me support Women Win, who empower young girls through sport.

The bicycle tour was my one main vision for the year. The whole experience set the rest of my year in motion. After completing this ride, I felt I could go on and do so much more because anything else would be a walk in the park, and I did.

You only need one pure focus for the year and that should be your grand vision.

The best way to ensure you actually meet your goals and have a stellar 2013 is to simplify.

So here’s a simple recipe for your success:

Take one grand vision and add one to three supporting goals for that vision. Get an accountability partner or group to hold you to them. Then let it cook until it’s ready.

When you focus on your vision and the impact you want to make, the people you want to help and the legacy you want to leave, wonderful things happen.

You gain complete clarity on what steps you need to take to make your vision happen. You push through your fears because you’re focused on the bigger picture.
You know that every single thing you do needs to align with your vision (for otherwise, you simply will not do it)
You feel totally focused and excited about the path you’re on. And others pick up on that and come along and support you on your journey.

What is your big bold vision that you are going to make a reality in 2013?


Natalie Sisson is a Suitcase Entrepreneur who finds creative ways to run your business from anywhere using online tools, social media and outsourcing to create freedom in business and adventure in life.