September 25, 2012

Live a "Hell Yes" life

Six months ago I wasn’t able to recognize the person I had become. I was a counterfeit version of myself, living at a currency hardly admissible as authentic. I’d swiftly said “no” to opportunities and challenges – mostly as a cheap way of protecting myself from fears and insecurities. I was living what I now call a “No Life.”

But six months ago I was given a choice. A friend sent me the announcement for The Bold Academy.

While reading about the Bold vision, my soul urged my fingers to the keyboard. Before the fear-mongering impostor could protest, I had completed an entire application.

When I was accepted, my immediate reaction was a “no.” But I stared at that email. I stared long and hard.

At that moment, I recognized that I stood at a crossroads. I could either delete the email and continue my repetitive cycle of saying and thinking “no” or I could embrace the fear, accept the risk, and say “yes.”

So I sent my acceptance email. I gave my two-week’s notice at work. I packed up my apartment. I left my counterfeit life at the register. My true self had awoken.

At The Bold Academy, I cultivated my initial flirtation with “yes” into a full-fledged love affair. I learned the beauty of saying “yes” despite fear; for fear is simply the indicator that you’re on the right path to your greatest potential.

Experiencing that beautiful actualization meant embracing an amazing group of intentional individuals poised to change the world. It meant that I was a member of the winning Bold Hu$tle team – raising $20,500 in less than 24 hours. It meant accepting a job in line with my passion for community, food and sustainability just two days before Bold ended. It meant reshaping my skills and passions into my own creative consulting business, and joining the next Bold team as Visual Storyteller and Communications Apprentice. It meant encouraging my true identity and potential to surface.

Six months ago, I chose to say “Hell Yes” and live a life where I’d become the person I was meant to be. Now, after Bold Academy, I finally recognize myself.

So I urge you to say “Hell Yes,” and live a life that embraces and learns.

Begin today. I promise the authenticity and potential you’ll experience for yourself will be beyond your wildest dreams.

If you need help finding the “yes” in your life, I encourage you to check out The Bold Academy. Applications open today. Go ahead, say yes.


Whitney Flight is a creation consultant whose creative work generates stories, visions and ideas. Whether writing, drawing visual stories, cooking in the kitchen, or loving on music and art, Whitney is passionate about creation.

She works one-on-one with CEOs, businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals on their communications needs, including writing, editing and brand development. She is serving as the Visual Storyteller and Communications Apprentice of The Bold Academy.

Her writing has been published in The Huffington Post, her speeches delivered at national conferences, her storytelling providing clarity to entrepreneurs, and has interviewed various politicians, authors and leaders. Her cooking, as of now, is exclusively enjoyed by family and friends.